The Widow Podcast

The Widow Podcast

Hosted by: Karen Sutton

The Widow Podcast promises to be a mix of honest conversations about all things widowhood alongside practical tips, tools and strategies to help you find a more positive way through your grief. Widowhood is tough and...

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The Importance of Nutrition in Grief

Grief and Nutrition with Sabine Horner In this episode, I invite Sabine Horner to discuss some of the ways that grief and nutrition are linked. We explore the different types of food we can eat and how we can use our...
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Feelings That Show Up In Grief

In this episode I discuss some of the feelings that may show up in your grief and how these feelings are normal and necessary, and why it's important to learn how to invite these feelings in and explore them. There's...
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Six Things Grief Has Taught Me

Grief has taught me a lot and to name just six has been difficult, but in this episode I talk about the things I have learnt though my grieving journey. I discuss how we discover things about us we never knew existed,...
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Anniversaries, Birthdays & Holidays

Anniversaries, birthdays and holidays are often huge triggers for us in our grief leaving us unsure of what we should do to mark the occasion and how we can best support ourselves through them. In this episode I talk...
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Cheering You On

We are so hard on ourselves in grief, forever putting ourselves down, telling ourselves we can't do it or we're not good enough. You can do it and you are good enough, in fact you are utterly incredible and I want you...
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How To support A Grieving Friend

In this episode I wanted to offer some support and guidance on how to support somebody grieving the loss of a loved one. Grief is scary and it is a world we don't know or understand which can lead us to pull back from...
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Hello & Welcome

This is the first of many episodes which will inform, inspire and entertain you, but first I wanted to say hello and introduce myself telling you a little about my story and what bought me here to this point.
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Supporting Grieving Children

In this episode I share with you some of the learnings I have gained along the way about how best to support grieving children. It is incredibly hard to navigate your own way through grief, let alone find ways of...
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Ten Things Every Widow Should Know

Widowhood has taught me so much about grief, loss and life, things I didn't know when I first came into this chaotic world and things I wish I had known. I'm sharing these learnings with you so hopefully you can feel...
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