EP01 Embracing Hope

Season #3

Join Karen for season 3 of The Widow Podcast as she shares the value in receiving support and guidance during widowhood.

From retreats, The Widows Choir to our 12 month programme, Finding Hope in Widowhood, discover what becomes possible when you find your community of support.

Be inspired and discover how you can reclaim the next steps in life through your own personal development journey in finding hope.


In this episode, you will hear:

  • Why community is the foundation for moving trough grief and finding hope in widowhood.
  • How resilience, personal growth & development can help heal and rebuild your life after loss.
  • How Awakening Hope is the best way to take that first step into resilience.



  • Awakening Hope - FREE four day event from 11th - 14th September. https://www.karensutton.co.uk/awakeninghope
  • Widows Choir - Day event in Birmingham UK on the 21st October https://www.widowretreats.com/widows-choir-grief-and-healing-through-song
  • Finding Hope In Widowhood - Twelve month Programme information. https://www.karensutton.co.uk/finding-hope-in-widowhood


Join my Free Facebook Group ‘Widowed and Rising’ https://www.facebook.com/groups/widowedandrising

My website https://www.karensutton.co.uk/


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