EP27 Embracing Farewells: Exploring Funerals, Living Wakes And The Art Of Goodbyes

Season #3

It’s never easy talking about, planning, or attending a funeral. Jess May, fully accredited and double Award-Winning Funeral Celebrant joins us as we open up the discussion around funerals and how we can approach funerals in a way that celebrates life.

Jess is a specialist in Living Wakes and Memorials with a passion for telling your stories in meaningful ways.

From unconventional funeral practices to living wakes, there are more options to explore that you may have not yet considered.


Listen as we talk about:

  • Exploring unconventional funeral practices like living wakes and the importance of open conversations.
  • Understanding options and navigating end-of-life care for both those grieving and those caring for someone at the end of life.
  • Jess's own unique story and how it informs her work as a funeral celebrant.
  • The significance of approaching funeral planning with an open heart and mind to create meaningful ceremonies.



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