EP17 Finding Hope And Healing: Heartfelt Christmas Messages Of Support From Widows Who Understand

Season #3

How do we find hope during the holiday season when there’s grief?

In a season that can be filled with emotional challenges, I hope you find solace and peace in this special Christmas episode.

With the help of some of the members in my community we have brought together tips to honour the memories of your loved one, carry on with holiday traditions and practice self-care during the holidays.

Join me on a journey of rediscovering joy while honoring the memories of our loved ones.

Listen as I talk about:

  • How to prioritise your wellbeing during the holiday season
  • Handling the potential for judgement of others during this time
  • Embracing Joy during a time of grief
  • Navigating conflicting emotions during Christmas
  • Honouring your loved one with holiday rituals and keeping their memory alive
  • Practical tips for self-care to feel good during the holiday season



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