EP16 Words Of Wisdom: From One Widow To Another

Season #3

In this special 100th episode of The Widow podcast, listen to other Widows share their story about love, grief and how they move forward with life after loss.

Grief truly is not a problem that can be fixed.

Instead it is something we learn to live alongside.

What becomes important is how we learn to face the journey through our mindset.


Listen as widows share:

  • Coping with a sudden loss of a husband
  • Grief and isolation after husband's death from cancer
  • Finding solace in community after an unexpected loss
  • Learning self-kindness and embracing unexpected accomplishments after loss
  • Taking time to pause and reframe negative experiences
  • Setting boundaries, finding structure, and routine in grief
  • Discovering new hobbies and joy after loss
  • Connecting with other widows and finding support through shared a journey


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