EP15 The Widower’s Journey: Embracing Memories After Loss

Season #3

How does one find their way through the quiet moments that follow after the loss of a life partner?

Tim, a recent widower, tells his story of losing his wife, Val, unexpectedly.

From a chance encounter on a train to her final moments, we explore his journey through grief and the resilience that emerged to take care of his daughter and care for himself.


Listen as we talk about:

  • A chance encounter that led to love
  • The battle with feelings of failure and regret that can happen after losing a spouse
  • Val's resilience and bravery during even the darkest of times
  • Keeping memories alive with journaling and photos
  • The challenges of the second year of grief
  • Honouring the past with tradition and confronting a future without your partner
  • Finding comfort in the quiet moments



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