EP08 Healing Through Grief: How It Effects Our Bodies And Ways To Cope

Season #3

There is a powerful connection between grief and the physical response that can occur within our body.

In fact, grief can show up in a variety of ways in our body.

Our body is communicating too us and in this episode we explore the impact of grief on our immune system and how to alleviate physical symptoms through self-care practices.


Listen as I talk about:

  • The physical toll of grief on your body and how it can manifest as symptoms
  • The impact of the stress response and how it affects your overall health
  • Practical tips and exercises to help you manage and alleviate grief
  • Ways to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and find relief



  • Widows Choir - Day event in Birmingham UK on the 21st October https://www.widowretreats.com/widows-choir-grief-and-healing-through-song

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