EP04 Seeking Glimmers Of Hope In Widowhood

Season #3

Glimmers, tiny micro moments of joy that offer a sense of calm and inner peace. Did you know that glimmers can be a powerful source of support in your grieving journey?

Join me as I explore what glimmers are, why they matter, and how they can help you navigate through grief.

We will be taking time to notice and appreciate the glimmers as part of your path to healing.


Listen as I talk about:

  • Seeking out these small moments of joy, even in the midst of profound grief
  • How glimmers activate your parasympathetic nervous system to help you feel calm & safe when grief triggers your stress response
  • Allowing joy and pain to coexist and why it’s important to acknowledge both aspects of your own experience with grief
  • Practical ways to seek out and nurture glimmers to help heal and build resilience



  • Widows Choir - Day event in Birmingham UK on the 21st October https://www.widowretreats.com/widows-choir-grief-and-healing-through-song
  • Finding Hope In Widowhood - Twelve month Programme information. https://www.karensutton.co.uk/finding-hope-in-widowhood


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