EP03 Nurturing Resilience – The Power Of Self-Kindness In Grief

Season #3

When we are grieving sometimes we forget to be kind to ourselves.

If we are to become resilient for ourselves and our loved ones, we must first start with nurturing the relationship with yourself.

In this episode, I invite you to slow down, to lie in the stillness and quiet where there is no pressure and no expectation.


Listen as I talk about:

  • Listening to your body to tune in to your physical and emotional needs during times of grief
  • Understanding the delicate balance between setting goals for yourself and understanding when it’s time to slow down, take a moment & reflect
  • Allowing space for self-kindness and being ok with your journey being messy and imperfect as you learn and make new discoveries
  • The power of your words and how the words and phrases you use can shape your reality
  • Reframing negative self-talk into empowering affirmations to support you in your healing journey



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  • Finding Hope In Widowhood - Twelve month Programme information. https://www.karensutton.co.uk/finding-hope-in-widowhood


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