EP02 Seven Years A Widow

Season #3

Seven years can feel like a lifetime when you are a widow.

When you lose your life partner, one chapter closes and another chapter opens with new experiences, lots of growth and moments of grieving in between.

Join Karen as she shares her experiences and guidance on navigating through the complex emotions and discoveries that come with widowhood.

Listen as we talk about:

  • Taking time to reflect on your achievements and allowing yourself the space for personal growth and to find peace and love.
  • Reflecting on what life would be like if your partner was still alive
  • The reality of ongoing grief years after your loved one has passed
  • How to start listening to your body, ask questions and wait for the answer
  • How to release the feeling of loss



  • Awakening Hope - FREE four day event from 11th - 14th September. https://www.karensutton.co.uk/awakeninghope
  • Widows Choir - Day event in Birmingham UK on the 21st October https://www.widowretreats.com/widows-choir-grief-and-healing-through-song
  • Finding Hope In Widowhood - Twelve month Programme information. https://www.karensutton.co.uk/finding-hope-in-widowhood


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