EP38 The Truth About The Second Year Of Widowhood

Season #2

What does year two of widowhood look like? This is a topic that comes up a lot, especially in the first year of widowhood as we anticipate what’s next.

That’s why I asked two members of my program, Finding Hope In Widowhood, to share their experiences of their second year in widowhood.

In our conversation we unpack the differences between year one and year two, what it looks like and different people's experiences of it, to help you process it, understand it and hopefully fear it less.


Listen as we discuss:

  • Wendy & Shannon’s experiences getting through the first year of grief
  • What support really looks like and how vital it is in widowhood
  • Finding a sense of belonging and community with other widows
  • Building a relationship with grief while continuing to move on to find peace, joy, connection and love in life
  • How grief can change as we move through our journey into the second year of grief
  • Tips on how to deal with grief



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