EP35 Good Mourning With Sal & Im

Season #2

Sally and Imogen met in a grief support group after both of their mother’s passed suddenly.

Through their loss, a silver lining appeared as a beautiful friendship began that bonded them for life.

From their experience they launched the podcast, Good Mourning, to help make grief a topic that people talk about authentically.

Now they’ve taken the topic of grief to the written page in their book, Good Mourning: Honest Conversations About Grief and Loss.


Listen as we discuss:

  • How Sal & Im met and started their conversations around grief
  • Finding forgiveness in grief
  • How being around others who have experienced grief is healing
  • Boundaries in relationships & accepting others as they are
  • How journaling can help alleviate grief
  • Grief brain and how it effects your body


Learn more about Sally Douglas and Imogen Carn:

website: https://www.goodmourning.com.au/


Good Mourning Book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Good-Mourning-Honest-conversations-about/dp/1922616311/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3FXPRYB70SSBF&keywords=good+mourning+book&qid=1683855486&sprefix=good+mourn%2Caps%2C619&sr=8-1



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