EP34 Cultivating An Inner Belief When Widowed

Season #2

When Orla Blackburn’s husband died in 2018 she felt helpless and numbed by the grief. It was in yoga that she began to heal.

From her experience Orla Blackburn became a Grief Yoga Guide and Mentor for the widowed to help them find space in body and mind.

Her guidance allows others to heal as they discover their own self-belief and self-confidence. Through her experience she also discovered the healing benefits and power of yoga and meditation for children as well.


Listen as we discuss:

  • Connecting movement, breath and mindfulness to get into a calmer state
  • The importance of having a supportive network and community
  • Utilising yoga as a form of healing and a release of grief
  • Creating a safe space to release grief
  • Supporting young children after’s a loved one’s passing
  • How yoga can help children and families


Learn more about Orla Blackburn:


FB private group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/beyondbereavementintobravery

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oyogaxo/[email protected]

Widowed Parent Retreat https://www.orlablackburn.com/weekend-widowed-parents/



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