EP32 Loving Life After Loss

Season #2

After losing her husband to a brain aneurysm, Marie Alessi has made it her mission to change the narrative of grief.

Founder of the Movement, “Loving Life after Loss” Marie has inspired others in processing their loss.

Marie is also an author and has shared her experience of moving to Australia, marrying and losing her husband, how she coped and found empowerment throughout her experience.


Listen as we discuss:

  • A different perspective on life, love, grief and the choices that are yours to make
  • How positive psychology helped her move through her grief
  • The life you have to live beyond the grief
  • The comfort of a grief group to support you in your journey.


Learn more about Marie Alessi:


Article about "Widowhood is Re-Invention”: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/widowhood-



Books: Loving Life after Loss: https://mybook.to/LovingLifeAfterLoss

Happy Healing: https://mybook.to/Happy_Healing



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