EP31 Healing Trauma

Season #2

At the age of six, Britta Hochkeppel became aware of vibration, energy and a presence beside her that began her journey into energy and healing.

Britta is an author, naturopath, intuitive healer, kinesiologist and holistic therapist. What makes Britta so unique is her approach to providing the possibility of physical, emotional, spiritual restoration and healing for clients who have given up on more traditional methods of medicine.

In Britta’s 26 years of practicing energy healing she has helped to heal hundreds of conditions from persistent migraines, insomnia, chronic back pain, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, IBS, fibromyalgia and cancer.


Listen as we discuss:

  • The different layers of healing and how they work
  • Why awareness and affirmation is key to mindset
  • Full body dimension of healing
  • Trauma releasing exercises and how they work
  • The continuation of the bond with our people after they have passed


Learn more about Britta Hochkeppel:





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