EP29 The Importance Of Preparing Our Own Death Admin

Season #2

Did you know that only 16% of 35- to 44-year-olds have a will?


Emma Gray returns to the podcast to speak about the importance of setting up our own death admin.


Emma is a former will and probate solicitor. The death of her husband, Simon, inspired her to support others to better understand and set up their own death admin as well as the admin of their loved ones after they have passed.


Listen as we talk about:

  • Sadmin - the admin that nobody wants to do or talk about
  • Setting up your own will now
  • The importance of journaling and your digital legacy
  • Making your estate tax free through donations


Emma Gray:

Free Will Challenge: https://www.rainbowhunting.co.uk/willchallenge

Sadmin course: https://www.rainbowhunting.co.uk/sadmin-adulting-course

Instagram (where people can message me): https://www.instagram.com/rainbowhuntingmoments/

Free quiz for people to see how sorted their own personal Sadmin is: https://www.rainbowhunting.co.uk/free-adulting-quiz

Free private Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rainbowhuntingcommunity



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