Feeling Stuck In Grief

We are back 💥

The first episode of The Widow Podcast of 2022 is here and i'm so excited🎙️ 

💛 In this week’s episode I talk about feeling stuck in grief . 

I speak to so many people that say they feel stuck and can’t move forward, I felt it myself in my own grief, and its horrible.

However, on my journey, I have learnt a lot of the time, we feel this way because of the expectations we place on ourselves. The idea that we should be doing it better, or differently, or that we are not where we are 'supposed' to be.

When we start out on our grieving journey, I think we subconsciously cast a timeline in our minds of how long it is going to take to grieve, maybe there’s this silent notion that after the first year it’ll get easier, and when it doesn’t, we feel stuck, because we aren’t where we think we should be . We are often so intent on looking ahead, that we forget to look at how far we’ve come 

🌻 So, have a listen to this week’s podcast, as I share with you some of my thoughts and feelings around feeling stuck in grief and let me know what you think.



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