Healthy, Happy & Healed with Special Guest Julie New

This week I am talking to the wonderful Julie New. 


Julie is an experienced personal recovery coach specialising in helping people after difficult and sometimes traumatic life change. Prior to starting her coaching Julie spent 20 years in the NHS as a senior nurse and midwife, she also worked on various pioneering NHS community projects.

Since becoming a professional coach in 2006 she has developed a unique New Chapter recovery program which has helped many people to reach new fulfilling phases in their lives, which they hadn’t thought possible.

Julie is an author of popular unique personal growth gift books including ‘The Grief Garden path and is a well-known inspirational and motivational wellbeing conference speaker.

In this episode Julie shares her own personal stories of loss, how she supported her two girls through grief towards health, healing and happiness and also shares her golden nuggets of wisdom.


We discuss anger, widowhood, rebuilding and finding glimmers of sunshine in a dark place.


Julie now supports others in their own journeys of grief and helps them to create something truly meaningful after loss.


‘Change is forever, but the pain doesn’t have to be…’


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