Writing New Chapters With Stacey Macdonald

Writing New Chapters with Stacey Macdonald


In this week's episode I speak to an incredibly honest and inspiring lady, Stacey Macdonald. Stacey’s husband Chris died suddenly in December 2013 from a heart attack when their daughter was only 12 years old.


Stacey shares her journey of loss and how she navigated her way through her grief in her own unique way, a way in which we could all learn a lot from.


We discuss; 

  • How Stacey and her daughter dealt with that first Christmas
  • The coping strategies Stacey used in her grief
  • The pivotal moment Stacey realised she had to make some changes
  • Supporting Children through their grief
  • Navigating new relationships
  • Deciding to live again after loss
  • The importance of leaning into your own intuition
  • Worrying about other people's judgements and assumptions
  • Guilt
  • Finding joy in today and writing the new chapters in our books with love and peace in our hearts


This really is such a wonderful conversation and I know you’ll be able to draw so much from this.

We got unexpectedly cut off at the end (the joys of living on a small island), so there is an abrupt finish to the conversation. We contemplated arranging another time to record an ending but I actually felt that Staceys final words of wisdom were so beautiful, it felt like the perfect end to a wonderful conversation, so we left it at is was.


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