Rainbow Hunting With Emma Gray


In this episode I talk to Emma about the death of her husband Simon in July 2016 and how this impacted herself and their two young girls. We also discuss the learnings Emma has gained from Simon's death, the importance of being as prepared as we can for our own deaths and the deaths of those around us, and how we can find the support that’s right for us


Emma is a former end-of-life solicitor and Simon was in the military. Emma believed they had been very open about his death and prepared well for it, but there was still so much that they had not discussed


We talk about:

🟡 Wills and Power of Attorney

🟡 Funeral planning

🟡 How you want to die

🟡 Where you want to die

🟡 What you want to happen after your death

🟡 How lockdown actually helped Emma deal with her grief

🟡 Re-discovering parts you of you that had disappeared

🟡 Supporting grieving children

You can find Emma and contact her via the following links;

Website: www.rainbowhunting.co.uk

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rainbowhuntingmoments/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emma-gray-50245133/

Sign up to Emma's monthly newsletter here: https://www.rainbowhunting.co.uk/news


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