The Seasons of Change in Grief

With the seasons comes change, and it is the same for our grief. Throughout the seasons we feel different emotions and desires, and the season has an impact on our mood and how we feel.

As the new month came, Autumn seemed to appear in the blink of an eye, and with the leaves falling, we are forced to face the harsh reality of the death of our loved one. And then Winter comes and we are see this as a time to rest, restore, and reconnect. This is the heaviest season as it feels so long, we just want to hibernate. 

But change quickly comes again in the Spring, with a sense of renewed hope. We see more light than darkness and have more energy to face our feelings, and tasks we may have been avoiding.

Summer is the best season, as things start to feel bright again. We learn to integrate our loss and the future. 

Remember, you will blossom again one day. All seasons are temporary, nothing is permanent. Trust what feels right, and listen to your body.


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