1:1 Grief Coaching

Are you grieving the loss of your life partner?

Do you feel:


🌻 stressed and anxious


🌻 confused and overwhelmed


🌻 lonely and disconnected from yourself and those around you


🌻 exhausted and unable to move forward with your life


🌻 as if you’re just existing day to day?

I get it, I really do...

I’m Karen Sutton, and I have been where you are now. In 2016, I lost the love of my life and overnight, my world fell apart.


However, as I embarked on my own bereavement journey, I soon realised that the grieving process presented me with an invaluable opportunity to invest in myself and that only in doing so would I be able to move through my heartbreak, towards a brighter and more peaceful future.


Grief is something you have to work through. And it’s hard. But by taking the time to invest in yourself, to figure out what it is you want and need, grief can be transformational.


Focusing on what I needed and wanted after I became a widow, was the best thing I ever did and I want to help you do the same during your journey.

Knowing where to start and how to focus on yourself can be challenging, so if:


🌻 you need someone to walk alongside you during your journey

🌻 you want a safe space within which you can focus on your needs

🌻 you would like the opportunity to open up and share your feelings with someone who understands because they have been where you are


...1:1 coaching could be for you.


My unique solution

I’ll introduce you to my ‘re-empowered widow method’, an approach that I have designed to help you navigate your grief.


By honouring your life, facing your present and planning for your future, I can help you to blossom from a widow, struggling just to exist day to day, to a widow freshly re-empowered and thriving in a world full of hope and exciting, new opportunities.


My method will encourage you to:


🌻 Relearn how to live in the world and come to terms with your brand new reality


🌻 Rediscover who you are, identify your values, needs and desires, reconnect with those around you and reclaim yourself


🌻 Reimagine a world beyond your loss by honouring your loved one, whilst exploring the life you want to create and the person you want to be.


So, if you’re ready to take back your power and fall in love with life again, please get in touch.


6 sessions




During our six one hour Zoom sessions we will explore your grieving journey together. I will help you to:

🌻 reduce the suffering you’re experiencing during your grief

🌻 improve your self-awareness and focus on self-compassion

🌻 reduce limiting beliefs and shift your mindset

🌻 identify your passions, values and beliefs

🌻 regain control and emotional freedom

🌻 re-connect with others and the world again

🌻 find some clarity and balance in your life once more

🌻 feel re-energised and purposeful

🌻 thrive rather than survive and move forward towards a peaceful and meaningful future



Completely life changing. It felt like a very alien and self-indulgent thing to do at first. To stop working, get a life coach, put me first but it was the best decision. I've no doubt that I would have had a breakdown if I hadn't. I'm most definitely much better equipped to re-build my life now and feel that I'm moving in the right direction.


- Joanne


Karen was the person who, out of the sidelines, gently held out her hand, offering security and to walk alongside me while I figured out how to navigate the dark and find the path that was right for me to travel. Karen doesn’t give you all the magic answers. She’s not holding an envelope on a silver platter with the secrets of the universe waiting for you to open. You have to put in the work, be prepared to be honest and look deep into yourself as she guides you, reminding you of your essence and who you are at your very core.




I would definitely recommend grief coaching to others and can honestly say it has given me my life back. I feel I have regained my self confidence, self esteem and self compassion from doing it. Even when I have low days I feel I have the strength, understanding and tools to help me work through them and maintain control. I will always love my husband and miss him every day but now I feel better equipped to live a happy life.


- Sue


I'm ready to become re-empowered


6 sessions



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